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High Quality, Care Oriented Practice

Everything we do is with the patient in mind.

Some things are obvious, such as the kind and courteous way you are cared for, the professionalism of the office, our ability to offer oral sedation, and our complete concentration on each patient in that we do not treat more than one patient at a time.

There are many things done behind the scenes that have you in mind. For instance, the commitment to continuing education for the Doctor and staff and our state of the art technology used for every aspect of care and practice management.

Commitment to Excellence Through Technology

In keeping with our commitment to provide you with excellent care our office utilizes proven state of the art technology. All of our care is delivered with the aid of a microscope. The microscope has changed the way we practice. We can treat problems that were previously thought to be hopeless, and treat routine problems more thoroughly. We also have incorporated state of the art imaging technology to aid in X-ray interpretation. There are many other items in our practice used on a daily basis that make our office unique.




1117 Gallagher Dr.
Suite 430
Sherman, TX 75090