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Patient Testimonials

Who would have ever thought one could describe a visit to the endodontist as a wonderful experience?   I was terrified when I was told I needed a root canal, but pleasantly surprised with the process and outcome!  Thank you to Dr. Harris and his staff for being so gentle and never leaving my side.  I still can't believe I made it through the procedure without relying on N2O!  You and your staff are one in a million!  

Thank you!


I came in extremely stressed and nervous. I had heard so many horror stories of root canal procedures. Dr Harris did a fabulous job. Absolutely no pain during or after. I did not even have any discomfort that night or the following day. He and his staff were caring, thoughtful and efficient. Paula was excellent at what she did also. I would highly recommend him.                                                                                             


Was referred to Dr. Harris by my regular DDS.  THIS MAN IS AMAZING!  His staff are super friendly.  I enjoyed my appointment, he told me what his recommendation was to fix my problem and we will go from there.  I highly recommend this office!!!  10 stars! 

Christi Tynan

Dear Gary and Staff:

Not many people would believe a root canal could be a pleasant experience.  But that is the case in my visits to your office in Sherman and I give the entire crew and EXCELLENT rating in providing my dental care.  Everyone is personable, friendly and the professional services were outstanding.  I look forward to seeing you on any future visits and will definitely recommend you to my friends and family.

 Best Regards,

 Pat Bassano

Thank you all for helping. What a great office and staff.  I have been to a lot of dentist’s office in my life but this has been one of the best experiences so far.  

Thank you,

Travis Graham  


Dr. Harris is wonderful! He solved my problem and my tooth pain is gone! He’s a wonderful Endodontist  and I would highly recommend him.
He has a wonderful bedside manner as well. There is no need for you to look anywhere else!
I’m sorry I cannot post this on Facebook or Google as I do not have accounts.
Jill Saltz

Anyone dreading a root canal should see Dr. Harris; he’s the best in the business!  The doctor and his team make visiting a dental office very pleasant.  You know from the beginning exactly what the procedure will be and the time and cost expected.  My wife and I have had a total of four root canals from Dr. Harris.  It may sound impossible, but the procedure is virtually painless.  He is a caring and professional man.  His entire staff is efficient, courteous and friendly.  


Wayne Clement, Paris, TX

Why go to the Dallas area for a root canal when we have the best professional, courteous, and skillful root canal specialist right here in Sherman, TX? I was super pleased with the results of my complicated root canal completed by Dr. Harris on one of my front teeth. The procedure, at least for me, seemed complicated due to the fact that the drill angle entrance to the tooth was from the back and also sideways. I felt no pain before and after the procedure. He is totally awesome and I recommend him highly to anyone scheduling a root canal procedure. In addition, all members of his staff were also very courteous and helpful in both making appointments and in the assistance of the root canal operation. What is also astonishing is that unlike most dentist and doctors, he keeps tabs on you over the years and calls you in to exam the progress of the root canal. This is at his expense, so no charge to the patient. Unbelievable!

Thanks so much for your dedication and skill, and in case I need another root canal (God forbid), I will most certainly schedule a session with you and your staff.

Gil J.

Dr. Harris & Wonderful Ladies,

I just wanted to thank you for taking such good care of me. You made 3 root canals just about as pleasant as they could possibly be. Most importantly, you helped me overcome my fear of not trusting a dentist. Thanks for everything.

~Cheryl P.

When I found out I needed a root canal, I cleared my calendar for that day and the next, expecting to have to lay around feeling lousy for a day or two. Not so! Absolutely no pain what so ever. Dr. Harris and his staff are awesome! I would recommend him to anyone! I was very secure in his judgment of my options, and felt like I had a new friend when I left!   Kelly S.

Just a big Thanks for all your help when you were working on my root canal. I have never had such a pleasant experience in a dentist's office. You and your staff are genuine in caring for people and I appreciate your kindness and compassion. You came highly recommended to me and I understand why. Thanks again, Lee Ann F.


I have known Dr. Gary Harris and his staff for many years, but this is the first time I have known his office as a patient.  I went in for a retreat of a 30 year old root canal.  What I experienced was beyond excellent.  Dr. Harris and his staff are knowledgeable, supportive, patient, and kind.  Any anxieties I may have had about losing a tooth were quickly alleviated due to Dr. Harris’s explaining, in detail, the process of the retreatment. Dr. Harris continued telling me what was being done throughout the entire process, and encouraged me to ask any questions I had about the process.  Tremendous chairside manner! I left his office that day completely at ease and happy with the forecasted outcome of this tooth.  I cannot say enough about this office.  If you need an endodontist, this is the office you should use.  Thank you so much Dr. Harris, Jess, Jackie, Naomi, and Paula!        Katherine W. 

I love Dr. Harris and his staff. They were all so nice, professional and caring. Not many times do you receive a phone call after a dental procedure to make sure you are doing ok. I felt no pain during any of my visits and had complete trust in Dr. Harris. I even fell asleep during my last visit. His assistants were very sweet and informative of what would be happening on the days of the visits. And they always made sure you were comfortable before the procedure began. If endodontic care is needed in my future I will definitely use Dr. Harris. I will refer any of my friends or family members to his office for treatment!! Thanks so much Dr. Harris and your staff, you really have an amazing practice!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!!

Lori C.

Dr. Harris and his staff show extraordinary professionalism and courtesy to their patients.  Dr. Harris showed genuine concern to me regarding the problem I was having.  The root canal procedure was painless.  It was a pleasure visiting his office.  I highly recommend Dr. Gary Harris to anyone in need of endodontic care.

Brenda G.

I made a trip from Houston to North Texas to get an expert opinion from Dr. Gary Harris regarding several root canals done previously by another doctor that appeared to be failing.

I have a real phobia about being in a dental chair, however, Dr. Harris made me feel very comfortable and the work was done painlessly.

I have total confidence in the advice and the re-treatment done by Dr. Gary Harris.

Patti B.

I suffer from dental phobia.  The mere thought of having my teeth cleaned sets me in panic mode.  When I learned I needed three root canals, my body immediately started trembling.  My mission was to find an endodontist who could deal with my emotional state of mind as well as be highly qualified.  Mission accomplished-Dr. Harris and his staff.  They did an amazing job making me feel at ease and confident  from start to finish.  He is a top of the line professional, and his staff provides an extraordinary customer friendly environment

Cheyrl C.

Dr. Harris,

I want you to know how much I appreciate the attention that you and your ladies gave me during my recent visit.  Ms. Naomi went out of her way to get me an appointment working around my sports activities.  Since I am only fifteen years old, this was my first root canal and I was not looking forward to it. But Ms. Jackie made me feel very comfortable and calm. Dr. Harris, you were right on the mark when you promised me it would not hurt, I even played baseball 2 hours later!  So again, thank you very much.

Colton H.

Everyone in the office has been very helpful and kind.  I appreciated the follow up calls as well.

Jeni S.

It made me smile!!!

Hayden B.

Was referred to Dr. Harris by my regular DDS.  THIS MAN IS AMAZING!  His staff are super friendly.  I enjoyed my appointment, he told me what his recommendation was to fix my problem and we will go from there.  I highly recommend this office!!!  10 stars! 

Christi Tynan

Hello Dr. Harris,

You have been a Blessing to me!

I thank you for the peace and confidence that I felt in your presence.

May God continue to Bless all your staff and patients.

                                                       Your Grateful patient,


Dr. Harris,

You performed another masterpiece on me this morning. I never felt the slightest bit of discomfort throughout the entire procedure. I could have been under general anesthesia for all I knew. And it was done in one session. At the opera or at the theater it would have earned an enthusiastic BRAVO!

So, a big Bravo to you. And I will continue to be one of your most enthusiastic advertisers.

Many thanks, Sir.

Peter B.

1117 Gallagher Dr.
Suite 430
Sherman, TX 75090